Goodwood Revival 2010

It’s the Goodwood Revival this weekend – old cars, great clothes, good times. To celebrate, we’re paying tribute to three great (and stylish) British heroes of the track…

Graham Hill

We don’t know about you, but we can never think of the great Graham Hill without imagining a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot. Hair rakishly swept back, the pencil moustache, the “King of Monaco” cuts a timeless figure – 35 years after his untimely death. Winner of the Monaco Grand PrIx on five occasions, he worked hard and played hard and still occupies that special place in British hearts reserved for the dashing iconoclast.

Sir Jackie Stewart

Where the Scots drag their heels at team games they more than compensate in individual pursuits. Sir Jackie Stewart is the case in point, the most garlanded of all our racetrack heroes. Three times World Champion in an age when health and safety precautions took a back seat. Polanski interviewed him at Monaco in 1973 for the doco Afternoon of a Champion, in which Stewart looks like a rock star. We love our Scots canny: and this one quit at The Top. The VERY Top. A class act.

Sir Stirling Moss

The greatest driver never to have won the World Championship, Sir Stirling Moss still cuts a dapper figure at the start of his ninth decade. In this country his name remains a byword for any driver who fancies himself as something of a speed king. “Who do you think you are? Stirling Moss?” A testament to the high esteem in which we hold the man. (P.S. Happy 81st birthday on the 17th Sir Stirling, and many more.)

Hornets will be keeping special hours for Goodwood this weekend – the Guvnor will “get you up to speed” tomorrow…


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