The Barfly

This week, our resident drinks columnist turns his dipsomaniacal attentions to…

The Gimlet

To chime with The Guv’nor’s sentiments on America, we have an American flavour here at Barfly Mansions this week.

In 1876 a chap called Lachlan Rose, a Leith shipyard owner, cracked the problem of keeping limes fresh aboard a seagoing vessel – and to this day Rose’s Lime Cordial is an essential behind any good bar.

Officers of the Royal Navy soon came up with the wizard wheeze of cutting their RDA of Vitamin C with a stiff belt of the hard stuff: the Gimlet was born.

Some believe that the American nickname for an Englishman – a Limey – comes from this source and not, as is commonly accepted, from Liverpool’s Lime Street Station, where many G.I’s disembarked, but the jury is out on that one.

The Gimlet has strong American associations in that it was the great Raymond Chandler’s favoured “sharpener”. Chandler was the creator of legendary detective Philip Marlowe and was schooled right here in London at Dulwich College for boys.

You will need:

Two shots of Gin

One-and-three-quarter shots of Rose’s Lime Cordial

Half-a-shot of chilled water

Glass: Martini (that, mein host, is the Y-shaped one)

Method: Shake ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass

Garnish: split lime wedge

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