So, Horneteers: where do we stand on facial hair? (Bill Hornets here: “If you’re standing on facial hair, it’s time for a shave, dear boy.”)

Never trust a man in a beard? Moustaches a tad too 1970s?

How about these fine facial adornments, all of which appeared in The Strand magazine of the 1890s – the heyday of the Great British Whisker.

If you’ve ever wondered what it you would look like with a fine, handlebar mouser, but never had the time/wherewithal/hormones to cultivate one, or perhaps you are in a line of work which would frown upon such a facial excess, then help is at hand. Or nostril.

Again from The Strand magazine, this time of 1948, this handy cut-out moustache. Print it out, follow the instructions carefully, and make sure to ask a grown-up to help you with the cutting-out.

Have fun.


Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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