The Sunday Ad

Off to the 60s this week – not a period we visit very often on The Hornet’s Ad Sunday slot. We usually go further back, from the 20’s to the 50’s. And we often find both wisdom and wit there, among the period details that seem anachronistic and sometimes comic to our modern eye.

This week we found only gasps of shock and outraged laughter here at The Hornet when we dug up this one…

The year is 1968 and we found this in a seven-penny copy of the New Musical Express with Jimi Hendrix and The Who looking wild on the cover alongside those polite boys The Hollies in nice matching bow ties.

The look of the ad, however, is still Beatley-circa 1963, particularly in the bottom right hand corner – a true mod would have laughed at such a sluggish pace to changing fashions.

We wonder why the copy tells us that the Zip Boots provide a “cunning, lazy way to look great in boots”. If any of you Horneteers know of an honest, labour-intensive way to wear boots, do drop us a line.

But it is the style in the top left hand corner that drew gasps: Birdstalkers.

Birdstalker Shoes, we presume, are shoes in which to stalk the woman of your dreams. “The Quiet Ones” it says in the copy. Do they mean “The Quiet Ones… Are Always The Worst”?

BirdStalking: DON”T try this at home, kids. It is NOT, as the ad claims, “the big new fun idea in leisure.” In fact, to borrow from Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace: it’s not only illegal, it’s wrong.

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