The Guv’nor Pays Tribute to Michael Gough

Bill Hornets writes… “At the end of last week our Man From the Hornet noticed that our visitor numbers had shot up dramatically here at The Hornet. When he examined our statistics thingymabob (not my dept, I’m afraid, TMFTH handles the technology) he found the reason why.


Michael Gough.


A few months ago I wrote a short piece for The Hornet wishing the great man a happy 93rd Birthday.

It seems that, when searching Google for Micahel Gough upon hearing the news of his death, many of you have stumbled upon our blog.

It also says to me that the man was held in very high regard, given that so many of you wanted to read about him.


Quite right, too.


Back when I was a young actor, Michael was the leading man in my first movie. It was called Konga, produced by Herman Cohen and it was about a big ape – what else?! Michael was the professor, I played a student.

For years I used to see him around the studios, always looking stylish – in a rather arty yet quintessentially English way.

It was with great sadness with which I learned of his passing.

In tribute we remember that he was an effortlessly stylish man. But more: He was a good man. Everybody liked him.”


You can read Bill’s earlier piece on Michael Gough HERE

If you have stumbled upon us by accident looking for Michael Gough, then click HERE for the IMDB

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