From Our Post Bag…

This from Horneteer Tom Mason, in response to our recent Facebook posts on the hat of the moment, The Fedora…

“The problem with fedoras is that most men do not know how to wear them. They should be farther back on the head and cocked to the left. This last detail is the most important.


Why cocked to the left? That makes the right side up and enables one to ‘get down’ on his rifle or shotgun. Aussie military hats do this to the extreme by folding up the right side.”


Bill Hornets responds: “A fascinating nugget on the Fedora there, Tom, many thanks. As to the rifle angle, it’s been quite some several years since I’ve had to shoot a troublesome customer here in Kensington, but the threat of it always keeps my colleague Wallace in check.”


The Man From The Hornet adds… “Erm… Don’t panic, Horneteers. I’m sure that The Guv’nor is kidding when he talks about shooting customers. How sure? Well, only about 65% sure to be honest…

In the meantime if you’ve any hat tips, rants or theories, do drop us a line.”

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