The Buzz 24:03:11

The Hornet’s regular round-up of style news stories from around the globe.

It’s got John Slattery from Mad Men in it; it’s got the highest hat-to-actor ratio of any movie we’ve seen in a long time; it’s The Adjustment Bureau and it’s got a lot of people talking about the Fedora again. People such as the chaps at GQ:

“GQ asks: is the fedora making a comeback outside of the private detective agency game?”

Click HERE to see the feature. It’s great. Mrs Man From the Hornet described it as “Hat Porn” and she’s not far wrong.

And there’s more on the same story from HERE.

More on John Slattery can be found at one of our very favourite websites, It’s a piece on Slattery’s character Roger Sterling wearing a double breasted suit…

“This is not a fashionable suit for the era, not as such, though Roger is not a fashionable man. He is traditional, stiff, lets his colourful tone cause offense rather than his clothes…”

You see why we love this insightful website. View the full piece HERE and bookmark the site for future reference. It’s constantly enlightening.

In brief… the Evening Standard looks along Savile Row … How menswear is influencing interior design (from the Washington Examiner). And finally… it says here in the LA Times that more men are going in for plastic surgery. Any thoughts, Horneteers?

See you next time

The Man From the Hornet

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