The Hornets Shop Window

How do the good folk of Kensington know when it’s summer? By looking in Hornets’ window, of course.

If it’s summer in Kensington, then Hornets’ window is stuffed full of Panama Hats.

So? Is it summer yet? Well have a look for yourself:

It’s summer…ish. There are a few cricket hats left from last year. The cricket jumpers are, as usual, ready to go. And the world’s second best white suit (see pic, above) is there, too.

Second best? Second best?

Bill Hornets here: while we try at all times to be best, from time to time we have to accept the silver medal. Reluctantly. And in terms of white suits, the best one of all time is illustrated below…

… That’s it on the right: Ratty out of The Wind in the Willows. If Mr Rat – that most stylish of English fictional characters – ever swings by our shop with any of his unwanted suits, we’ll let you know right here on The Hornet.”

[The illustration is by the great E.H Shepard and you can buy the book HERE]

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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