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The Hornet’s Regular Round-Up of Style News From Across The Globe…

As we wish the happy couple well in the run-up to The Wedding (what do you mean what wedding?) we’ve also been wallowing in the acres of style coverage in the media. Here’s the latest: Prime Minister David Cameron will (as we go to press the post button) neither confirm nor deny that he will wear a morning suit to The Abbey.


Why so coquettish, Mr C? Careful now: it’s the Bride’s Day, you don’t want to go trying to take the spotlight away. Reading between the lines, we think that the top hat will give his political enemies ample opportunity to call him “posh”.

Dontcha just love our class system?

Whatever the reasons for his evasion, there’s a great piece on Lounge Suit Vs. Morning Suit on the BBC website.

Still on the topic of formality, legendary Savile Row tailor Henry Poole has been working in conjunction with the London College of Fashion on a “new take” on the dinner jacket – a garment that Poole is widely credited with inventing. Read all about it HERE.

There’s yet another good review – and well deserved, we hasten to add – in the L.A Times for the book The Day of the Peacock (pictured, above), a lively take on the age of the 1960s dandy. Read it HERE.

And The Guv’nor’s been making the news himself once more. He’s given the benefit of his ample wit and wisdom to the great blog The Paradigm Case. Catch up with what he’s got to say HERE.

In Brief… A really lively piece on beards, moustaches and shaving in Esquire covers (and uncovers) everyone from Jesus to Tom Selleck…  We get to look inside a U.S sport legend’s wardrobe with the New York Times… And finally: our chums at London Walks are doing a history of men’s fashion walking tour this Sunday 24th April at 10.45a.m and they’ve made a little film to go with it. View it HERE.

See you next time.

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