Royal Wedding Week Style II

In 1863 The Prince of Wales granted a Royal Warrant to Henry Poole of Savile Row. Poole – regarded by many as the founding father of Savile Row – was approached by HRH in 1860 to make a special jacket. A jacket in which the PoW could dine (the PoW loved to dine) and smoke (ditto) whilst in the comfort of his home at Sandringham.

In 1886 an American chap by the name James Potter was invited to Sandringham by HRH. Much enamoured by our future King’s jacket, he enquired as to the origins of the garment – and was duly pointed in the direction of Poole’s of Savile Row.

Upon returning to the U.S with his prized new jacket, Mr Potter immediately wore it to his club – the Tuxedo Park Club, NY.

The English dinner jacket became the American Tuxedo from that moment on.

Stylish fella, HRH.

Our best wishes to the Happy Couple this Friday.

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