Royal Wedding Style III

The Man From the Hornet on weddings…

“Before I was married, all I ever knew about marriage, I learned from the movies. Movies such as Four Weddings and a Funeral. Or Kramer versus Kramer. On second thoughts, strike that last one. Replace it with From Russia With Love.

Yup, I once thought that I could pick up valuable tips for the most important day of my life from a James Bond film.

In From Russia With Love, Sean Connery’s Bond goes undercover as a married man. His bride, of course, is a blindingly gorgeous blonde Russian spy (played by Daniela Bianchi). The minute the pair are alone, she jumps into the sack clad in nothing but a choker, an exotically alluring Eastern Bloc smile and possibly a dab of Chanel.

“I like your trousseau,” says Bond (only, being Sean Connery, he said “Trooshow”).

The scene obviously made something of an impression. How much of an impression I didn’t realise until, nearly 20 years later, when it dropped straight from my brain and out of my mouth in a conversation with my fiancee’s mother about the future Mrs Man From The Hornet’s trousseau.

“Oh don’t worry about the trousseau,” I announced, blithely imagining a short length of black ribbon and a spot of velcro, “I’ll get that…”

The derisory laughter is set to ring out around Christmas dinner tables for ‘as long as we both shall live’.”

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