The Sunday Ad

We’re very fond, dare we say it, of the femininity of this ad. The idea that, with a new season a whole new set of duds will be required. It’s a nice notion.

But why femininity? Surely the male of the species is just as deserving of, or prone to a shopping spree?

Of course he is. We’d be the turkey looking forward to Christmas if we denied that.

It’s just that we chaps are not so susceptible to the tyranny of the seasons – or, indeed, The Season – particularly when it comes to the formal look.

When we go to Ascot or to a wedding, we don our morning coat and top hat and stride out attired appropriately for the day. No one will ever whisper behind our back: “Tut-tut. He wore that morning coat LAST year.”

Quite the contrary. It’s more commentworthy to be wearing a garment that was only collected an hour or two before the event and has to go back to the shop later. This despite the fact that certain high-profile political guests at the recent Royal Wedding were keen to stress that they had been hiring with the hoi polloi.

Visit our Essentials Shop at 36b Church Street Kensington for all your Ascot and Wedding needs.

And you can top it off with a new friend for life by clicking the topper below:

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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