Royal Ascot in Numbers

The Man From The Hornet crunches the numbers on Royal Ascot…

• Royal Ascot is the richest race meeting in Europe with prize funds totaling £4 million – enough money to buy every second man between the age of 16 and 74 in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea a Grey Ascot Wool Top Hat from our online shop.* (*Source: the 2001 Census.)

(Trainers: We would suggest that there are wiser things to do with your winnings, but if this is the course of action you choose, then I’m sure that The Guv’nor would be happy to strike a deal on postage costs.)

• Over 185,000 bottles of champagne are consumed over the five days. How many of those are accounted for by The Guv’nor and the chaps from Hornets? I think we’re going to need a bigger abacus for this particular sum…

• Over 300,000 visitors will attend over the course of five days. Statistics tell us that the crowds for Ascot peak on Ladies Day. Quite what they peak AT is quite their own business.

(The Guv’nor interjects: If I may address The Man For The Hornet – for that terrible gag, you’re fired. In fact, worse than that. We’ll keep you on but you have to wear a beanie hat every day until the end of Ascot. That’ll teach you. That is all.)

Watch our Hats film…




Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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