And They’re OFF!


A Special Announcement from Bill Hornets as we near Royal Ascot…


“Perhaps a more appropriate headline is ‘And They’re ON!’ By which I refer to our new Morning Coats.


Our new morning coats are very exciting for us: it is the first of our range under our very own label. (In the Autumn there will be much more.)


I am confident that our coat is one of the finest morning coats available… if not the finest.


A similar cut in an ordinary cloth by one of our leading names is on sale elsewhere in London for over £500. I found a label in it ‘made in China’. Hmmm.


Our morning coats are beautifully cut, and made by a leading manufacturer who makes for some of the top names in Europe. He has a highly skilled and experienced workforce.


AND we have solved the climate change problem – our coats are 100 % merino wool. It is a lighter weight and the cloth breathes more than ordinary wool. Also, the lining is not polyester, it is a breathing fabric.


The coats will arrive BANG ON TIME FOR ASCOT! We are taking delivery on Sunday morning – 12th June. We’ve extended our opening hours accordingly. More news of that soon.


That is all.”


Read more at the Hornets website HERE.



Hornets Vintage the Online Shop



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