A Word From The Guv’nor

Bill Hornets here…

The Man From The Hornet has been keeping us entertained here with facts and trivia from the history of Royal Ascot – and he’ll continue in that same vein all this week. But if I may interrupt him for a moment: it’s down to business:


One of the finest morning coats available… if not the finest.

We have solved the climate change problem – our own label coats are 100 % merino wool.

It is a lighter weight and the cloth breathes more than ordinary wool. Also, the lining is not polyester, it is a breathing fabric.

Our morning coats are beautifully cut, and made by a leading manufacturer who makes for some of the top names in Europe. He has a highly skilled and experienced workforce.

These morning coats are very exciting for us: it is the first of our range under our own label.

We are offering this outstanding garment at an incredible price as we managed to source the fabric very well. (A similar cut in an ordinary cloth by one of our leading names is on sale elsewhere in London for over £500. I found a label in it ‘made in China’. Hmmm)

Hornets will sell this remarkable garment at the Special Royal Ascot Price of £189.

The coats are here BANG ON TIME FOR ASCOT! They are on sale in our Kensington shops right now. We are open today until 8 o’clock this evening. Then for Ascot week: Monday to Friday the shop will be open 9 o’clock to 7 o’clock.

As always we have our extraordinary top hats which are the best price in town. ALSO IN STOCK… Vintage morning coats, excellent quality £95. morning pants £49. We also have a selection of morning suit waistcoats from £35 – £45.

That is all.


Kensington 12th June 2011.”




Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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