Oh… Just One More Thing…

While we’d like to make it clear that we didn’t supply the great detective with ANY of his battered raincoats, we’d very much like to go on record to say…

RIP the great Peter Falk.


Not that Columbo would ever have made a good customer here at Hornets. Here’s the man himself…


“Every once in a while I think about gettin’ a new coat, but there’s no rush on that. There’s still plenty of wear in this fella!”


When they talk of Holmes, when they talk of Auguste Dupin, when they talk of Nero Wolfe and Poirot…  when they call out the names of the great detectives to sit at the top table, Columbo will be among them. Not that we’ll notice him at first, of course. The more glamorous, starry sleuths will upstage him. But we’ll be glad he’s there – because he’s our representative among the intellectuals, the showy and “well-bred” consulting detectives.


Sure, we all want to be the dashing, suave leading man, the lantern-jawed, tortured Marlowe. But Columbo went deeper. He spoke to our insecurities. And that is why we loved him. He’s one of us.


Falk, in his characterisation, tapped into that classic strain of the American Everyman. He picks off the wicked, the devious, the priggish fops – all of whom underestimate him – and we cheer from the sidelines. His “not-as-green-as-he’s cabbage-like” characterisation was a stroke of genius.


Tonight we’ll be channel hopping for an episode of Columbo. And if we can’t find one, we’ll be digging out our copy of Robin and the 7 Hoods instead.


Peter Falk, twice AcademyAward-nominated actor, 1927 – 2011.



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