Dandies VII




The Man from the Hornet introduces our new semi-regular series on “Dandies” – as inspired by the Player’s cigarette card collection of 1932…


No. 7 in our series is billed as simply “The Fifteenth Century Dandy”. But his look immediately brings to mind a decade from living memory: The 80s.


Of the 1960s it is said that if you can remember them then you weren’t there. O! how some of us wish a similar vanishing spell could be cast on our fashion memories of the 1980s.


Our man of the 1400’s here looks like he’s auditioning for a Spandau Ballet tribute band. Everything is excessive, from the colours to the size of the hat.


Our chap has his titfer slung across his shoulder and wears a skull cap atop his head – as was the fashion of the day. This is because the sheer cumbersomeness of the hat – each feather had its quill studded with pearls – was such that to balance it and negotiate everyday “hazards” such as doors was a near impossibility. It remains a general truism that if one has to duck and swivel as if performing some manoeuvre from the dance of the seven veils to just negotiate the front door of one’s own house, then it is time to go back inside and change.


Had such wise words been to hand in the 80s, then The Man From The Hornet – for it is surely he typing, racked with sartorial remorse – wouldn’t now have to hide his photograph albums from the years 1981 – 1987.




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