A Letter From the Guv’nor

A message from The Guv’nor.


Bill Hornets here, with one of my occasional policy missives.


The question I am most often asked by journalists is this: “Who are your most famous customers?”


The journalists who frequent our shop, many of whom have become friends, have long since stopped asking such a question.


It is a matter of Hornets policy NOT to stick a camera up the nose of an actor or aristocrat or Knight of the Realm or artist when he visits us here in Kensington. We feel that such methods are inappropriate, even in our current celebrity obsessed age.


We are a discreet gentleman’s outfitter, not some starstruck peddler, and we do not trade on the hard-won reputations of others. We have won our own reputation, and by that alone will we be judged.


Similarly, our shops are not for autograph hunters, as we frown upon such invasions of privacy. Luckily, we tend to attract the kind of customer who has a sufficient amount of style NOT to shout out “Oi! Aren’t you him off the telly?”


I am reminded of the Sherlock Holmes tale The Adventure of the Illustrious Client in which the great detective is engaged by a client so eminent that his name is never once mentioned. The reader is left to infer that said client may or may not be King Edward VII himself.


Just as we leave you, gentle Horneteer, to infer that our clients are men of taste and distinction and leaders in their various fields. But then, you knew this already because such men gravitate naturally toward an establishment such as ours. And you knew this because you can count yourself effortlessly among their number.


Discretion, not vulgarity. Style, not fashion.


That is all.


B.H Kensington July 2011″



Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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