Fez-tival of Kensington

This from today’s Evening Standard

“If ever a pianist could transform virtuoso showiness into tough intellectual argument, it’s Stephen Hough. Saint-Saëns’s Fifth Piano Concerto [nicknamed “The Egyptian Concerto”] is something of a Hollywood vision of a romantic piano concerto but he gave it muscle.

Hough returned for his second bow wearing a fez, a typically whimsical jest from this profoundly serious musician.”

Nick Kimberley is writing today of last night’s Prom concert at The Royal Albert Hall – our local concert hall and the building that Kensington schoolboys used to delight in nicknaming The Kensington Gasworks due to its famous circular shape.

We mention it today because yesterday morning Mr Hough swung by the shop here in Kensington where we catered to his every Fez need.

The Guv’nor adds: “Delighted to read the reviews, universally in praise of Stephen Hough’s performance of the Egyptian concerto – and, of course, of his light-hearted fez-wearing antics. Delighted also to have been a “Patron of the Arts” in however small a way. I have always been in awe of musicians, their talent, and and have relished their company, since working as a lad at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.”

You can read Mr Kimberley’s excellent review in full HERE.


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