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The Hornet’s regular round-up of style news stories from around the globe.

Nick Curtis of The Evening Standard leads the pack this week with his piece on the pitfalls of shoes for men in high summer:

“By going sockless on his holiday photocall, David Cameron stepped into a sartorial minefield… Our dear leader single-handedly set the image of the British man on holiday back approximately four million years.”

Read the full piece HERE.

The Miami Herald is one of the first out of the blocks with a preview of Goodwood Revival 2011 this September. They’ve got the preview HERE. Hornets has the gear HERE.


The Mad Men effect has, according to such august organs as The Tennessean, permeated down to the high street.

“Movies and TV are not uncommon inspiration for fashion designers — especially when it’s a highly stylized look. Vera Wang had her Deadwood collection, Anna Sui mined Doctor Dolittle and Tommy Hilfiger has tapped The Royal Tenenbaums more than once, but the influence of Mad Men has had a straight run for more than four years, reintroducing the masses to skinny ties, pocket squares and body-hugging dresses.”

Click HERE for more.

And there’s a great interview with Jon Hamm (Don Draper) in the L.A Times HERE.

And here’s Joanie…

Ah, that’s better.


But just as the style pages worldwide get geared up for another round of clean-cut Mad Men pieces, here comes The Scotsman with news of a death in the style family: RIP The Metrosexual…

“The ‘metrosexual’ male, whose bathroom cupboard was once as stocked with skincare products as his wife’s, is now being threatened by the influence of the ‘retrosexual’.”

Good news? Bad news? Read more HERE.

In brief… Hot weather kit in Esquire… Summer trends in The Observer… An American classic: The Seersucker suit.

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