The Barfly

After something on a long absence (frankly, we’re too frightened to ask where he’s been) The Hornet’s in-house drinkies guru The Barfly returns with a summer classic. Here he is…


When one picks up a biographical book about the life of William Shakespeare, the first paragraph usually contains a line that runs something like this:

“Facts about the early life of William Shakespeare are notoriously few…”

Which always makes me resent having purchased a pricey 600 page book.

The origin of The Mojito is shrouded in almost as much mystery as the origins of The Bard. (Crikey, Barfly! We were wondering where this one was heading! The Man From The Hornet.)


It was born in Cuba, and of this there is a general consensus. Then the etymological fireworks display: invented by slaves on sugar plantations; derived from the Spanish word for “a little wet”;  named for a Cuban seasoning known as “mojo”.

Being patriotic sorts here at The Hornet (Hear Hear! The Guv’nor) our favourite version of its origin is that it is based on a drink named “El Draque” in honour of our great naval hero Sir Francis Drake.


The Mojito was a great favourite of Ernest Hemmingway – rather a redundant thing to say given that the old soak would have licked the pub carpet for refreshment.

Some talk of an “English Mojito” using Gin – I’ve never had the pleasure, being something of a traditionalist, but I suppose it could work.


You Will Need:

Two shots white rum

One-and-a-half shots fresh lime juice

Three sprigs of mint

One shot sugar syrup/two teaspoons sugar

Soda water



Muddle mint with sugar and lime in the bottom of a Collins glass

Add rum

Top up with soda water

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