Happy Birthday Sir Sean

Up the road they know him as Big Tam.

From all at The Hornet we wish Sir Sean Connery many happy returns of the day.

In honour of the great man’s birthday, here’s a special Sean Connery-Goodwood-themed edition of The Hornet 5:


Top Five Speedy Modes of Transport from Sean Connery Films

1. Autogyro

An autogryo? A baby, kit-form helicopter to the likes of you and me – named “Little Nellie”. Featured in 1967’s You Only Live Twice armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers and smoke-screen. Just the thing for rush hours on High Street Ken.

2. Jetpack

The futuristic dream of travel by jetpack seems no closer now than it did in 1965 – so we’ll have to make do with watching re-runs of Thunderball (pictured) for now.

3. Motorbike

Never Say Never Again (1983) may not be anybody’s favourite James Bond picture, but the motorbike chase (with Bond on a Yamaha XJ650 Turbo Seca) is exhilarating stuff.

4. Sidecar

How is it possible to be the coolest thing in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade when you are playing NOT the hero but the hero’s AGED PARENT riding as a PASSENGER in a motor bike’s sidecar. Takes some doing, but Connery pulls it off.

5. The Hunt For Red October

In which Big Tam is in charge of a great big eff-off submarine. How cool is that?

Our still comes from Thunderball, which you can buy on DVD direct from the MGM online store at www.mgm.com.

(PS. Any thoughts on James Bond’s best car? Drop us a line or leave a comment!)

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