The Hornet Five: Driving Gear in The Movies

The Hornet 5: Best Driving Garments in the Movies

1. Donald Sutherland’s Leather Jacket in Kelly’s Heroes (1970)

Not a look we would usually recommend – grotty, sweaty, hairy – but when you are Donald Sutherland, all style rules go out of the window. Sgt. Oddball, Sutherland’s 1940s tank commander with the groovy 1960s mores, is one of the most memorable comic creations of the modern cinema.

Great brown leather coat, too. It’s a short jacket, more like a biker’s leather, yet Oddball often insists upon draping it over his shoulders. In this style tick we get a glimpse into his wild imagination: in his mind’s eye, he is Superman and his leather jacket hanging from his shoulders is his cape. Mad as a gate in a high wind.

Great jacket, great character, great movie.

2. Tony Curtis’s White Fur Coat in The Great Race (1965)

It’s not often that Tony Curtis comes second to anyone in our estimation here at The Hornet, but the clincher here is this: one could wear Sutherland’s jacket (above) every day of the week and still look cool. Curtis’s white fur number is strictly for laughs. Curtis is a joy in this daft romp, as despised by film critics as it is loved by anyone with an ounce of happy silliness in their soul and/or a lifelong pash for Natalie Wood.

3. Dick Dastardly

Every baddie needs two things to be taken seriously – a great toadying sidekick and a great coat. Just ask any tin pot dictator. Muttley effortlessly fits the bill for number one, so Dick Dastardly’s coat had to be something special. And nothing says “evil” better than a purple, ankle-length, double-breasted trenchcoat. Although we have deducted points for the Casey Jones-style hat. (Bill Hornets here: Sadly, we’re currently out of purple, ankle-length, double-breasted trenchcoats. Call back in October.)

4. Kenneth More’s Gauntlets in Genevieve

John Gregson sports a superb easy-going look all through this British classic. But it is More’s tweed sports jacket and leather gauntlets combo in the race through London scenes that stick in the mind. A much-neglected driving accessory, if you ask us. Whose day wouldn’t be brightened up by the cry of “Darling: have you seen my gauntlets?”

5. Nick Cage’s Snakeskin Jacket in Wild At Heart (1991)

Convertible ’65 Ford Thunderbirds and snakeskin jackets are not a common sight rolling down Kensington Church Street. Indeed a snakeskin jacket isn’t often the sort of garment one sees in Hornets window either. Great look in the movies, though, if a tad ill advised for the English 9 to 5.

(You can buy Kelly’s Heroes HERE)

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