Top Motoring Tips For Goodwood!

Last week we posted a Motorway-free map from our old road atlas – you can see it again HERE  – and in the run-up to Goodwood we promised to share some of the other gems from the golden age of motoring held within its pages. So here we go: advice on how to cope with…

Picnic And Holiday Accidents


1. Lay the victim on his back.

2. Try to prevent him from moving in any way.

3. Apply a band round the limb between the bite and the heart and tighten it only until the veins stand out. If the limb becomes blue, loosen the band a little.

4. Summon medical help.

5. Do no cut or suck the bite or rub anything into it.

6. Raise the bitten part.


Phew! Motoring was a tough business in the Golden Age, what?!

We’re very fond of step no.5 – aimed at the motorist who had watched too many Westerns.

Personally, we would move step no.4 right to the top of the pile.


The book is decent enough to point out that “the only poisonous snake native to Britain is the adder or the viper” which is moderately reassuring. At least we won’t have to contend with the Eastern Brown Snake when pootling though East Sussex. Native to Australia, 1/14,000th of an ounce of the Eastern Brown’s venom is enough to “prevent the victim from moving in any way” ever again. Ouch.


Bill Hornets adds: “In the event of a Style Accident, a much more serious affair, get yourself along to Hornets!”



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