Shoes Shoes Shoes

Here’s The Guv’nor

“Shoes, shoes, shoes. I’m on about shoes again. Just one of the things the English are good at is making shoes, the best shoes in the world.

Church’s of course are world-renowned. There are other good companies, some still in the original family that started them.

Our bespoke shoemakers are legendary, some are no longer with us, but Hornets occasionally finds their work.

(There are some good foreign shoemakers, both ready made and bespoke. Not quite the best, but good.)

I like shoes for many reasons, here are just a few of them…

A good pair of shoes gives you confidence, they make you feel good when you are going to that meeting, an important occasion, taking someone special to somewhere special or just hanging out in a pair of jeans. I’ve said this before, but so what, I’m going to say it again. Girls, women look at men’s shoes. It tells them a lot. Men look at others men’s shoes for the same reason. You’ve heard the expression “well heeled”. That says it all.

The MD of a famous English company, ex-Eton and The Guards, spends Sunday morning (when the family are at church) cleaning seven pairs of his bespoke shoes for the week ahead. He says it makes him feel good, relaxed, clears his mind, he can think of the week ahead and the problems therein.

Girls love their shoes as they are sexy (high heels are sexy, I’ll tell you exactly why one day). Men like shoes as they are power. They are powerful, sexy and just good to have.

Hornets always carries a lot of shoes, some new, but mostly they are vintage.

I love talking about shoes, I ‘carry on’ about them. But then I do ‘carry on’ about things. You’ll just have to get used to that.

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I love them.

That is all.

The Guv’nor.”

The Goodwood Trilby

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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