Dispatches From Goodwood

This just in, by carrier pigeon from Goodwood…

“We’ve arrived at Goodwood and are all set-up and ready to go!

Our stand number is 325.

Use Gate B, opposite the main entrance, then take the second right.

We are opposite Bonhams Auction Showroom, and the other end Frank Dale and Stepsons vintage cars (wonderful collection).

Nearby is best hamurger stand I’ve ever found, some really good coffee and a cute little pub.

Oh, and very important, not far from the toilets. Being Goodwood, they are clean and presentable.

As it is going to rain on Saturday and Sunday we have our “Hornets Special Country Trilby” with us. It’s waterproof and crushable, and is in dark brown, dark green, khaki green and black.

Come and see us, and enjoy Goodwood, it’s fantastic and has an extra buzz about it this year. If our Barfly is in the cute little pub, ignore him, he is a bad lot.

That is all.

The Guv’nor.”

The Goodwood Trilby


Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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