From the Governor

Our man from the Hornet is taking time out to finish his book, so you are stuck with me. And a new man Harry, who is younger and has a keen eye for original style. You will be hearing from Harry.





When I was younger and everybody wore a tie to every formal and social occasion, I ddn’t. I used to ‘cut a dash’ with an open neck shirt with my suit or dinner jacket, I thought that was very Byronic. At some clubs or restaurants I was lent a tie from the management as I entered, not really a good thing, some of them were ghastly.


Now everybody wears an open-necked shirt. Everywhere.


Be different, wear a tie. In fact wear a tie with your tweed jacket. Or with jeans and a jacket. Please don’t follow fashion. Wear the tie you like not one that is ‘in’.


As you know I don’t like many designer clothes. With the ties they seem to use more imagination, more elegance, more style. We carry a full range of ties. Through modern, to skinny 60s, 70s totally over the top and defunct club ties. I mix them all up on our tie racks, so come to have a sort-through. They range from £10 to £20. Hermes are more.


Oh of course, all our ties are silk. A few might be wool.


That is all. The Governor.


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