I Went To A Theatrical Event The Other Sunday…

I went to a theatrical event – a party, the other Sunday.

A couple who’d been in the business for years took over Joe Allan, the theatrical restaurant in Covent Garden for the evening.

It was a good party. Masses of good food, and drink, and people. I saw some people I haven’t seen for years, and some I don’t want to see for years more. The women were mostly dressed beautifully and elegantly. The hostess was trully magnificent. She is a lady of a certain age who radiates warmth and style. She was dressed in a flowing elegant garment and the jewellery came from late Bette Davis. The host was very neat in a cashmere jacket and beautifully cut trousers. Not a young man but he looked good. Most of the men were actors, producers, directors, back up in their 60s or early 70s. Apart from two or three they dressed appallingly. I was really quite shocked, I had forgotten. When they were young artists it was fashionable to be a socialist and have no regard for the way you dress. They might have changed their politics over the years but certainly not their attitude to clothes, they were a tribe. There were many famous faces there from the theatre and television, but not much style.

Creating my own style I’ve never joined clubs or groups of people, or tribes. We are after all very tribal. Most of those gentleman at the party have been stuck in the same tribe for over 40 years, and they set out to be individuals outside society. How bourgeouis they all looked and were. But they all seemed very happy, except for one, I’ll tell you about him another time.

That is all.
The Guv’nor.


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