I’m Harry. Style, The Guv’nor’s Got A Lot Of It, But It Is Not Mine.

I’m Harry. Style, The Guv’nor’s got a lot of it, but it is not mine.

When I go to a good party I wear a really beaten up red mess jacket, my green velvet pants and a white shirt. Working on a theory, that every other man in the room is going to look quite straight. My girlfriend who always looks fabulous dresses in the same kind of way. Style style style. The Guv’nor is always saying create your own style. Do it. Hornets has a load of interesting things. Who supplies them? The Guv’nor. His idea of style isn’t so far removed from mine, and nor mine from his. I’m often stopped in a bar or in the street by people who say: I love the way you dress. Which means of course I dress to be noticed. But at my age I love to be noticed, and I know people looking at my girl think she is fabulous. After all as the Guv’nor says your lady can be as extravagant as she likes.

I will be pulling some things out of the stock and showing it to you online. The things I like.

Got to go now. Harry.


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