‘Tis The Season To Be… Stylish

The Guv’nor loves the summer and a nice bit of linen. He loves the winter and getting wrapped up in a big herringbone overcoat, impervious to the elements. He loves the spring when he casts that self-same coat aside with a song in his heart. But he loves autumn most of all. Here he is to tell you why…

“It’s THE season again. Our tweed jackets, suits, coats, shooting jackets (vintage and our new ones) shooting breeks (vintage and new) and shooting bags (French army 1950’s).

Everything for the country gent, or to be worn in town for a more relaxed look.

All in the shop on Kensington Church Street.

Our own shooting jackets are made in England of Scottish wool. They are wind- and waterproof and real value at £139.

Our quilted jackets are also made here. Also wind- and waterproof they are only £95, and you can sponge them clean.

We always have an interesting selection of vintage Barbours, along with tweed and woolen caps and this year a dark green wool scarf.

I’m “carrying on” again aren’t I? Well, I do that.

Come along and have a look at everything and say hello. We’d like to see you anyway.

That is all.

The Guv’nor.”


Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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