The Guv’nor Becomes A SPAD*

A SPAD? Huh? What on earth is a SPAD?

A SPAD is a Special Advisor to a high-ranking government minister. And there is no more high-ranking minister than the Prime Minister. So it’s appropriate that he should have the highest-ranking style advisor of them all. Enter The Guv’nor.

The Guv’nor would like to make it clear that he offers this advice as a service to his country and will not seek fiscal remuneration for such; nor will he expect to be invited along on diplomatic trips or have business cards printed.

The Guv’nor views this new position as Style SPAD to H.M Government as his patriotic duty and offers it in the spirit of The Big Society. As such, his Style Tips are aimed equally at the chaps of Her Majesty’s Opposition, too.

Guv’nor, over to you…

“Memo to the Prime Minister.

I wish our Dave and his sidekick and their entire crew, would not wear open necked shirts with their suits, or jackets.

Come on David my boy, you are the Prime Minister and govern a people that are famous for their sartorial elegance.

A tie completes the collar, covers the shirt buttons and looks confident, reliable and secure. They can make a colourful statement or a subdued one, but always a neat one.

Schoolboys and American gangsters loosen their ties, or don’t wear them at all.

While I’m at it David, I hope you your sidekick and the crew don’t wear Italian or foreign suits, or anything else that isn’t British, right down to your socks and of course your shoes.

That is all Prime Minister. You can carry on running the country now.

P.S. The last time I saw your lady in person she looked stunning. Such an elegant well dressed attractive girl. A star.

P.P.S Take a leaf out of the Prince of Wales’s book. You don’t have to dress exactly as he does, but HRH’s unfailingly “Flies the Flag” with his wardrobe. Remember sir, that in these hard times when – as you so rightly said – We Are All In This Together, we all – Cabinet Ministers especially – must “Fly the Flag”, right down to their socks.

That is all.

The Guv’nor.

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