Special Stock Announcement

Huntsman and Sons, Henry Poole. Two of the most iconic names on Savile Row. The first the most expensive tailor on The Row, the other the oldest. Both have a reputation for excellence.


We have ten bespoke business suits by Huntsman and three by Henry Poole, one of my favourite tailors.

They are all around 44 long with 38-40 inch waists and 33 inch inside legs.

We will be putting them online soon. But for the time being they are at our shop at 4 Kensington Church Walk. They are best tried on, so strike while the iron’s hot. They are a good size, we don’t get many long fittings.

We are offering the Huntsman suits at £590 each. Amazing value when they charge £5000 to £7000 for a bespoke suit now. The Henry Poole are £390 each. Truly a good deal.

Come along and try them, if they need alteration our tailor is just around the corner.

Henry Poole

Henry Poole, the first tailor on Savile Row, bought it’s premises from the Savile Club, as they were moving to a larger building. The Savile is now on Brook Street W1 and one of our team is a member.


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