Bill Hornets here. Our whole ethos is, as you well know, summed up in our slogan – Not Fashion. Style. And as I remarked on this blog just the other day, it seems that everyone is catching up with us on that front. One can’t open a magazine or paper these days, or pass a shop without tripping over the word Style.

A good thing, if you arsk us.

A phrase that has always made us chuckle here at The Hornet is “Label Queen” – appended to the kind of fashion victim who can’t even stand up without first checking if his shoes have been knocked together by the designer in the vanguard of the zeitgeist. A Label Queen.

But there is one way in which even we are slaves to labels. Have a look at this…


It’s a thing of beauty in itself, isn’t it. One could march unquestioningly into battle behind that standard.

We spotted it the other day when lending a helping hand to the chaps at Hornets Vintage the Online Shop during the shoot for their new stock.

Stylish and witty – the gun and fishing rod look like crossed swords and the humble fishing bag takes the place of a crown making the whole thing a clever caricature of a coat of arms. And the three-word guarantee right at the top: Made in England. If they didn’t feel that this was a promise of absolute quality, then why else would those be the first words right at the top of the bill?

Every picture tells a story. And every great label should be a great picture in its own right.


We’ll get The Man From the Hornet to tip you the wink when the chaps get the stock online for sale. I think you’ll like it.


That is all

The Guvnor.

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop




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