The Monday Ad

Pretentious aftershave adverts at Christmas. Dearie me. You know the ones. There’s usually some punchably handsome Hollywood type with his shirt off and a torso that looks like it’s made out of hard rubber. The message is always clear: unless you get this aftershave, you will never EVER have sex again and will die alone probably in a skip in Hackney.

Well, here’s how we used to do it, back in 1967.

The ad is from America and, as Mad Men has reminded us, the U.S seemed to take a double dose of 1950s, by-passing the swinging 60s as we knew them here in London.

Who could resist such an insistent headline: “A most pleasant experience.”

And what is a “fragrance wardrobe” when it’s at home?

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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