Prince of Wales Check

In terms of style, the position of Prince of Wales is one that brings great responsibility. The current incumbent is, according to The Guv’nor, the nation’s most stylish man.

His great-great grandfather casts a long shadow, too. From leaving the bottom button of one’s waistcoat (vest) undone to the chunky necktie knot known as The Windsor, the man who became King Edward VII set many style benchmarks by which we still live today.


And if the sex life and alleged political sympathies of the abdicated King Edward VIII hadn’t been so, ‘ow you say, colourful, then that Prince of Wales’s legacy would be as a style arbiter too.

Take Prince of Wales check…

Known as Glen Urquhart plaid – or Glen plaid for short – this 19th century design of large and small checks had a long life before Edward VIII as Prince of Wales came along. It was first used by the Countess of Seafield to clothe her gamekeepers.


So fond was the PoW of the pattern that it became indelibly associated with his title – and we call it Prince of Wales check to this day.

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