A Good Company

Bill Hornets here, with a little bit of history…

Lotery & Co. Ltd was started at the end of the 19th Century. It manufactured uniforms for the government and private companies and employed 2000 people.

They had a doctor on site, an infirmary and the company paid for its employees’ convalescence.

They were not a “Dark Satanic Mill” company.

A quote from the foreword to the Lotery catalogue of 1921.

“Our factories are the most modern and hygienic in the Kingdom. Our 2,000 workpeople labour in ideal workshops where fresh air and light have done away with the horrible conditions formerly associated with the trade. It is possible for factory hands to do two things which are generally considered incompatible, i.e., work and be happy.”

Lotery also opened a chain of men’s outfitters called Brights. In all, a sound and fair family business, that went from generation to generation. Then in the early 1960’s it was asset striped by Slater Walker, destroyed.

James Lotery, a good friend of Hornets who owns the famous Worlds End Nurseries gave me the pictures and the information.

In 1899, his great grand father, when off Madeira in his yacht, dictated ten points for his two sons. Which Hornets is proud to reproduce for you.

The ten points (click the image to enlarge)…

This was a good man. Lotery & Co. was a good company. What has happened to our country? It’s up to all you young guys out there to put the great back into Great Britain. You have to for our sons, our grandsons and the future. Everybody’s future.

That is all.

B.H, Kensington 1/11/11


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