There Is A Little Red Flower…

There is a particular little red flower that I am very aware of… it is a paper poppy, the flower that means so much to our nation.

It’s Poppy Day again, we have poppies in all our shops and at the end of each day I put some cash in the boxes.

On Remembrance Sunday there is a service at the memorial outside our local church, St. Mary Abbots, you can’t miss the church, it’s on the corner of Ken. High Street and Ken. Church Street.

The Mayor, the MP for Kensington and Chelsea, councillors, the armed services, the police and other public services attend. The silence is observed and a bugler plays the last post. In all it is very moving, grown men have tears in their eyes. Yes guys, men do cry. Real men can.

After the ceremony there is a procession to the Town Hall, past our shops in Kensington Church Walk. I dress the windows with union flags (the butchers apron as the squadies called it, they were still prepared to die for it) and original framed photographs of officers and men from the two world wars.

All this is by way of saying: Gentlemen, do give generously to the poppy appeal. Our guys are still getting maimed and killed, there are people that need help and widows that have children to bring up. So let us all say thank you, we appreciate you and truly remember.

The Guv’nor.


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