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Our resident drinks columnist turns his dipsomaniacal attentions to…

The Rob Roy

The Rob Roy is a prime apéritif. If this doesn’t soften your teeth for a big dish of offal and carbs – haggis, neeps and tatties, that finest of Scots winter suppers – then nothing will.

The drink – named for the Scottish Robin Hood – combines the Scots’ two favourite things: a big belt of a dram and a blast of sugar. All-in-all it’s not dissimilar to a Manhattan.

You will need:

A double whisky

A single shot of sweet (red) Vermouth

A dash of Angostura bitters


Stir the three ingredients with ice

Strain into a cocktail glass


Some go for a maraschino cherry – and it plays nicely with the sweet vermouth. But for my blood it’s something too effete for such a strident cocktail.

My personal preference is for a twist of orange.

Either way this is the closest that most Scots will get to a salad this side of Hogmanay.

For the Scotch I’d recommend something sherry casked – the fruit in the wood chimes perfectly with the sweet Vermouth. Go for a Glenmorangie or something similar is my advice.

Having said that, the reason I was reminded of this classic was this: I swung by the shop last Thursday to find The Guv’nor and The Man From The Hornet cooing over this, the latest piece to be added to Hornets Hire

The colour reminded me instantly of Johnnie Walker’s famous red coat. Cheers!

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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