An American Cousin

While we were shooting this coat (above) the other day for inclusion on Hornets Vintage the Online Shop, our resident drinks columnist The Barfly swung by on his way to a meeting.


(He’s always “off to a meeting” – we all know he’s on his way to the pub.)


“Great coat,” he said.


“Yes,” said The Guv’nor, “it is. It’s an American country coat.”


As Barfly began to examine it, he suddenly exclaimed “Aha!” – with the sort of enthusiasm he usually reserves for a fine claret or a seaweedy malt whisky.


“Genius!” he grinned. “It has a small poacher’s pocket – the perfect size for a half bottle of whisky!”


“They think of everything, the Americans,” smiled Bill.


“They do indeed, “ replied Barfly, “just make sure the whisky is Scotch, and not American.”


Bill Hornets here: For the record, The Barfly has some Scottish blood mixed in with the alcohol that flows through his veins and can be a little blinkered on such matters. The rest of the team and I appreciate a fine American whiskey as much as we do a fine piece of American tailoring. Cheers.”


View the coat and its details in full HERE.

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop


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