The (Return Of The) Wallace Column

The Guv’nor’s associate Wallace has been digging in the archives again. The Guv’nor won’t be pleased…

“This photograph came my way…

From 1966, it states it’s The Guv’nor in a television series he was doing at the time (he’s the one in the white coat). Indeed he was doing the series, but I know for a fact it’s not him. It’s his stand-in, who was very good looking, much better looking than The Guv’nor. More charming too, more everything. Poor boy, I wonder what happened to him, who knows?

The Guv’nor at the time was probably in the bar chatting up the producer to get another six month extension to his contract, just to pay his tailor and accounts at some of the best establishments in London.

I am taking this opportunity to remind The Guv’nor that we came to an agreement that I would write a regular column in The Hornet. I haven’t been asked to for a very long time (I managed to slip this past The Guv’nor to the The Man From the Hornet, a person of undoubted quality). I have been going through old photographs and videos seeing what I can find. I shall have to spend my free time searching for more, to see what I can find…

While on the subject of writers for The Hornet, there is a new youngster, by the name of Harry – you can read his bits, if you absolutely must, HERE and HERE.

Though admiring his style, I doubt his claims about his past. Being an old Etonian myself, I can usually spot one.”

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