The Monday Ad

Meet the most stylish whisky in town. Who says so? Well this 1966 ad from the bumper Xmas edition of Playboy does. And so does Don Draper. Every time he sets his office minibar a-tinkling in Mad Men – in celebration, in commiseration, hell just for breakfast – it’s Canadian Club he’s tippling.

There are rumours that some manufacturers have been unhappy with their product making a cameo role in the Madison Avenue-set 60s advertising drama. London Fog, the fabled Baltimore raincoat makers, for example, were said to have been perturbed as being portrayed as fuddy duddy – although others suggest that this was merely a double bluff, keeping their product’s name closely associated with the hippest show on TV as newspaper and magazine columnists dutifully picked up the story.

Surely the only quibble Canadian Club can have with DD in MM is that he is in flagrant contravention of every 21st Century “Drink Responsibly” message in the book.

On the topic of booze, great clothes and top notch American drama, Boardwalk Empire, the prohibition-set HBO series finally makes kit to DVD in the UK on January 10th. Here’s a reminder of “the look”…

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