The Hornet Boys At Christmas #3: Wallace

A message for Christmas from Wallace.


“Christmas again. There have been so many… I think of when I was young. My father on Christmas Eve would have the entire village in and distribute presents. There was only my father and myself, so I would play a large part in the ceremony. He was good and gallant my father. I respect his memory a great deal.

This Christmas Eve I will allow my manservant Allders to sit with me and have a chat and I will give him his present, a very special pair of cuff links, he will so like them. (CLICK HERE to reveal the truth behind this “very special” pair of cufflinks.)


On Christmas Day I have four guests for lunch – three ladies of a certain age and an old general. They are all alone now and like myself in straitened circumstance. We will talk of the old days, and what fun they were. I managed to squeeze three wonderful silk scarves and a good tweed hat out of The Guv’nor for my guests’ presents (The Guv’nor was convinced I was taking them to sell on. Would I do such a thing? Never!)


Allders will prepare a traditional four course meal with accompanying wines. Then the ladies will have liqueurs with petit fours and the general a fine cognac with a good Havana. There will be crackers and paper hats. And then the presents…


The accounts for the day with Harrods food hall and Fortnum and Masons… Allders will keep them at bay after the holiday. My wine merchant, vintner, Jack of Jascot, who does an excellent house champagne – “Palmer” – is most understanding, I shall deal with him personally.


After lunch we will listen to Her Majesty’s speech on the radio. Then before my guests fall asleep I have arranged to have them driven home. Where they will sleep in their own armchairs, dreaming of days past, when we were all young and beautiful and everything was so elegant and adventurous. The three ladies just manage to keep up appearances and the old general is far too proud to go to his friends or his old regiment for help. They have great courage and dignity, and I am pleased to know them.


I shall sit in my chair plotting and planning for next year. These are interesting times. There are many possibilities. I may even have to do a deal with that dreadful man The Guv’nor.


Gentlemen I wish you the most excellent Christmas and an adventurous New Year.


I am Wallace (I only use my title on very formal occasions).



Wine merchant

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop



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