A Feather In Our Caps

Now we’re not big on the so-called “Nanny State” way of doing things here in Kensington. But we do have a sneaking admiration for the Act of Parliament dating from 1571 which made it a crime to go bareheaded on a Sunday.


Designed to stimulate the wool trade, ‘An Act for the Continuance of the Making of Caps‘ stated that:


“All [males] above the age of six years except some of certain state and condition, shall wear upon the Sabbath and Holydays, one cap of wool knit, thicked and dressed in England, upon the forfeiture of 3s. 4d.”


Hear hear!




Bill Hornets here: Happy New Year, one and all. It’s my New Year’s Resolution to have the above Act of Parliament re-instated – it was sadly repealed in 1597 – and I’ll be lobbying Sir Malcolm Rifkind in due course. In the meantime, you can avoid the hat tax with our new range of classic caps. Click the pic (above).



Hornets Vintage the Online Shop






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