The Guv’nor’s Maxims #16

(*By #16 we mean #16 in an infinite series. The Guv’nor has plenty to say on the topic of style.)

Bill’s been “Carrying on about style” again.

He doesn’t think we pay any heed. But we do. Me (The Man from the Hornet), Style Management and everyone here at Hornets – even Wallace – we’ve all been keeping a note of his ‘One Liners’. Jotting them down. His “Wise saws and modern instances,” as The Stratford Man called ‘em. And we’re going to share a few of them from time-to-time right here on The Hornet. Such as this:

“If you absolutely must wear winklepicker shoes – and I would counsel you against such a move – but if you absolutely and totally believe that no other shoe will do, then please, for the love of all that is stylish, invest in some suitable shoe trees. Or at least stuff the things with pages from a Sunday supplement or some such.

 The sight of men in pointy, curly-toed shoes prancing around London like so many elves is driving me mad.”

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