The Thursday Ad

It is a general rule that the truly great names and brands don’t advertise. But rules are made to be broken. And it is often the case that when the Bug Guns do finally throw their hat into the commercial ring, the subtext of their message is often We Don’t Need To Advertise – We’re Just Having A Bit Of Fun Here.

The famous Stetson company is doing exactly this with their magazine ad campaign from 1968…

The fella in the pictures is just an ordinary Joe – Bogue Osuchowski according to the copy! What elevates him to look like a man of note, the magnet that has attracted nine different dollybirds and a camera crew is… his hat. A Stetson.

The tag line to the copy is a classic of its kind:

“Nobody ever looked like a nobody in a Stetson.”



To see our own narrow-brimmed trilby, click HERE or the picture below.

Hornets Vintage the Online Shop





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