Dandies X

The Man from the Hornet introduces our semi-regular series on “Dandies” – as inspired by the Player’s cigarette card collection of 1932…


It’s a tale told over and again by countless “squaddies” from the days of National Service. And it goes like this:


SERGEANT MAJOR: “Are you in pain, soldier?”

SQUADDIE: “No, Sgt Major.”

SERGEANT MAJOR: “Well that’s a surprise because I’m practically standing on your bloody hair! GET! IT! CU-U-U-U-U-U-U-UT!”


We don’t think these RSM’s would have liked The Love Lock.


And neither did The Roundheads, much.


Our Dandy (above) is sporting lovelocks, long ringlets of hair worn by Royalists at the time of King Charles I.


They went out of fashion in 1649 when Oliver Cromwell opened his rather severe hairdressing salon on Whitehall. Cromwell’s Cutz rather stopped the dandy in his tracks for a number of years. Indeed, the name Roundhead was a Royalist satirical term aimed at Cromwell’s side whose barnets may well have been the worst haircuts since The Normans. For a reminder of those tonsorial horrors see Dandies # 5 HERE.


Next Time… A Dandy Diarist.



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