The Barfly for Burns Night

Dear Barfly,

I am constantly chided by my English friends for watering my whisky. “No true Scot would dilute his whisky” I am assured. Yet I have run into a number of Scots over the years who swear by water. Any tips?”



The Barfly replies…

There’s a great old line that goes: “The only thing that should be added to whisky is… more whisky.”

And it is a such a beloved old wisecrack that many have allowed it to become gospel truth.

The truth is… do as you pleasy. A belt of a neat dram is a bracing experience indeed and if that’s your taste then who am I to judge?

My own personal preference, however, is a wee touch of water. But make sure to take the merest taste on the lips of the neat spirit before adding the water – the contrast is vivid as the water releases or at least expands many of the flavours locked up in the whisky.

But go easy, mind. A soupcon, a tad, a hint of water is all you need. Imagine as you approach the whisky with the water jug that you are a mad scientist and are unsure if the two liquids will induce a violent explosion or not. This will help you be tentative and not drown your dram. And never use tap water. Always mineral, preferable something Scottish.

Happy Burns’ Night

The Barfly

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