The Buzz 30:01:12

The Hornet’s regular round-up of style news stories from around the globe.


The World War One Look? Bad taste in the name department perhaps, but not as daft as it sounds. Nick Curtis takes up the tale in The Evening Standard:

“It was a global catastrophe that cost an estimated 15 million lives and continues to inspire some of our most powerful and moving works of art, such as War Horse, Birdsong and, er, the grittier bits of Downton Abbey.

Now, proving that there is almost no event in human history that cannot be bent to the whim of the beauty and fashion industries, it is giving its name to a London grooming trend. Ladies and gentlemen – but especially gentlemen – may I introduce the World War One.”

Read the full story HERE.

Fascinating piece in The L.A Times about the history of men’s haircuts:

“Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, most of Europe adopted the hair and dress of the Germanic peoples. During the reign of the Merovingian dynasty, King Chlodio V was nicknamed “Le Chevelu” because he wore his hair longer than most of his predecessors. During this time, long locks were a symbol of status. Royalty wore their hair long while members of the lower classes and slaves either had short hair or shaved heads.”

Read the rest of the piece in the L.A Times HERE.


Here we go again. The South Africa Times poses the question: “ Are neckties cool again?” They were never uncool! Interesting article, though…

“Karl Lagerfeld for one never steps out without a tie: ‘I have worn one all my life — starting at school,’ he told AFP after the Dior Homme show. ‘I can’t stand people looking dishevelled — especially after age 35!.

Read the full story HERE.

The Barfly liked this one in The Evening Standard:

“The mobile phone has evolved into a piece of equipment that can open your beer…”


Read the full story HERE.



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