Presidential Style

In this U.S Election year, The Hornet is making time to look at Presidential style…

No.1 Leo McGarry

We’re kicking off the series with a fictional character that few real life politicos – indeed few real life men in general – could even begin to compete with: Leo McGarry.

McGarry (as played by the late John Spencer) is Jed Bartlett’s White House Chief-of-Staff in the epoch-defining TV series The West Wing. The only information we get about his wardrobe from the script is that he has his suits made on Savile Row – a detail that didn’t need underlining especially in light of the suspect sartorial company he keeps in his day job (more of that another day).

Some say the dialogue in The West Wing was too fast to keep up with: even harder yet was keeping count of Leo McGarry’s suits.

Almost always double-breasted, in a range of classic hues with the odd subtle windowpane check thrown in, McGarry looks more statesmanlike than even the President himself (who would look “folksy” even in a suit from Huntsman).

McGarry’s breast pocket is never without a crisply folded handkerchief. He wears braces (suspenders) in plain colours and ties that are imaginative but never migraine-inducing.

Leo McGarry is far and away the Style Commander-in-Chief. Those who follow later in our series have a lot to live up to.


NEXT TIME: Trouble For Kennedy In Savile Row…

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