On This Day In History

Today sees the anniversary of one of the world’s most famous police forces – and arguably the world’s most famous police uniform.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was founded on this day in 1920.

The distinctive red colouring of The Mounties betrays the force’s origin in the British military, and was originally the uniform of the RCMP’s forerunner the Royal Northwest Mounted Police.

Consisting of red serge tunic with high neck, midnight blue breeches with a broad yellow stripe and oxblood riding boots, the famous uniform – known as Review Order – is worn on ceremonial occasions and not on the everyday beat. (Which we at The Hornet find a great pity, but never mind.)

The Stetson-style hat that is so much a part of the dress uniform today is a replacement for the original headgear, the standard-issue British Army pith helmet – a hat deemed too impractical for the western Canadian climate.

The distinctive dimples in the hat are known as a Montana Crease.

Happy Birthday To The Mounties!


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